Bound by Busyness


At this moment I am distracted by busyness.  I have washed and folded several loads of laundry, mated socks that have been sitting for weeks (which I hate), and pressure washed the back deck.  I still have dirt all over me!  Today was productive and many things accomplished.  But it’s only a drop in the bucket for all I must get done this week.

My chores and goals seem most important which keep me from being present in the moment.  In our society we have this overwhelming need to fill every hour with work.  The idea of being still is scary for many.  If we are not producing whether it is monetary, networking or chores then we are failing at life.  But are we really failing?  I think busyness allows us to never stop and face the important moments in life.  Sometimes we miss our purpose or it takes us many years to realize it because we were just so busy!

God clearly told us in Psalm 46:10 to be still and know he is God.  What exactly does this mean?  Christians know he is God but we must stop the frantic activities and chaos in our lives, slow down and be still.  God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. (Psalm 46:1)  We must go to him and surrender and acknowledge he is God.

Okay, so we know this but how do we stop the madness we have created in our lives? If God is our ever present help in trouble then we must TRUST him and his will for our lives.  Because I am deeply afflicted by busyness, I try to spend time in his word by asking the Holy Spirit to calm my busy mind so I can receive a little knowledge.  I also spend time praying to him throughout my day.  I find when my focus is on him I am less focused on my task list and what has been checked off.

To be completely honest, I still have chaotic days and forget to spend even a minute with him.  But the days I actually do spend time in his word and praying are peaceful and extremely successful! Jesus was our greatest teacher and example.  If our Savior withdrew to desolate places to pray (Luke 5:16) then so should we.  Trust me, when we take time to be in his presence it will change the complete course of our day.

Think back to days when your feet hit the ground and didn’t stop until you fell into bed.  No time was spent praying or in his word.  Were those bad days?  Were they rushed and sometimes filled with conflict?  If you answered yes then you have realized the true benefit to starting the day with him at the center.

As we go on our journey we have to continuously remember God is our ever present help in trouble and keep looking to him even through our busy lives.  In time, if we are faithful, HE will become bigger than our busyness!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please calm our minds and schedules so we can be still in your presence.  We are so thankful for your faithfulness and patience with us as we strive to do so many things.  Please show us your plan so our work is for your glory.  Help us to not waste time.  Give us the strength each day to spend time in your word, so we will see your ways and apply them to our lives.

In Jesus Christ Name,


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